Energy bills - Magnitude:

According to our study, a company on an average spends 29% of its operating expenses on electricity bills. A company having 200 outlets would spend around INR 500 million per year on electricity bills.

What if we could save 20% of such expenses?

Zodhya implements procedures which bring down the usage consumption of ACs as well as motors. We add intelligence to meet the required output of air-conditioning as well as lighting based on factors like human presence in the room, timings of usage, lumens and temperature required to operate. We also provide solutions which control the centralized air conditioning.

Zodhya also provides you with a real-time monitoring portal. Graphical representations of power consumed will be given across various parameters. It can be used to compare the consumption at different times and allows you to avoid excess usage. Detailed reports are generated every month which will help you make operational changes when-peak is about to be achieved or an appliance is under maintenance, etc.,

Where do we fit?

The solution we provide would fit for commercial buildings like offices, shopping outlets, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels and residential buildings like apartments.